Managed IT support in Edinburgh

Reliable and proactive support, maintenance and management of your IT infrastructure, delivered by an Edinburgh-based team for a fixed monthly cost

Based in North-East, Scotland, the IT Hotdesk team can help your business by providing IT support services tailored to your needs.

We provide a wide range of technical services to businesses of all sizes across Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Inverness. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your technology is running smoothly and efficiently, so you can focus on your business. From managing your hardware and software to providing a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, we are here to support all of your IT needs.

Our helpdesk is available to customer 24/7. Whether it's day-to-day support for your team, or solving more complex IT challenges, our team are on hand to help manage your IT services in Scotland.

24/7 monitoring of IT systems and networks

Certified and experienced team of IT experts

Tailored IT solutions for your business

Dedicated account manager in Edinburgh providing 24/7 IT support

How we can help

The IT Hotdesk team can proactively manage your complete IT landscape, developing and delivering solutions that suit your company's specific needs:

Dedicated IT support manager based in Edinburgh

Network assessment and health check of IT systems

Remote and on-site diagnostics and IT support

24/7 server and network monitoring

Identification of issues before they become problems

Ongoing maintenance, updates and patches of your IT systems

Regular identification of IT improvements

Direct contact with our skilled system engineers and technicians

Quarterly service reports on your IT strategy

Contract reviews

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Working with IT Hotdesk

Our goal is to ensure your IT enables your business to run efficiently and effectively. By hiring IT Hotdesk to manage your IT support, you'll have a dedicated team of engineers on-hand to quickly resolve issues, provide your team with helpful advice, and proactively review and monitor your IT systems. This will maximise the performance of your IT strategy while improving your cyber security.

If required, we can have an on-site engineer come to your premises and physically log onto your computer and provide IT support, dealing with any issues that can't be dealt with remotely.

At IT Hotdesk, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and keeping our clients focused on what matters; their business operations, customers and employees.

“The whole team has been so easy to talk to and they are very responsive. They’re all really good, flexible and their responses are really fast.

“One of the good things about IT Hotdesk is they don’t baffle our personnel with too much technology-speak. They are very good at putting things in simple terms, so we all understand.”

Heidi Philip
Services Manager, NRG Holdings, Aberdeen

The benefits of outsourcing your IT to a local company

There are so many reasons why companies are choosing to outsource part or all of their IT, and even more when they opt for a local, Edinburgh-based company...

Ability to quickly visit your premises if required

Reduced operating costs and increased productivity through the introduction of new technology

Rapid response and resolution of issues with our 24/7 IT support

Access to specialist skills and expertise

Increased protection through the creation of a robust cyber security strategy

Regular meetings with senior IT specialists who will review and update your IT strategy.

Your questions answered

Managed IT services is the outsourcing of IT services to a third-party provider, such as IT Hotdesk, who then manages and monitors your IT infrastructure, applications, and end-user systems. The service provider is responsible for maintaining, securing, and optimising the IT systems for your business.

Yes, you can! At IT Hotdesk, we regularly work with IT departments to help support busy periods. We act as part of your team and help with large IT projects that need additional support. We can also act as consultants, providing expertise on more specialist subjects, such as cyber security. Sometimes, we manage specific IT functions while the internal IT team focuses on other areas.

Many factors can influence the service provider that you choose, and it’s important to look at the over all service and experience rather than cost alone. Experienced IT providers may look more expensive, but their knowledge of the systems is often far superior.

Other factors to consider include, security and compliance practices, response times, and reputation.

The pricing structure can vary depending on the service and the client. Often there is a set fee for big projects, but for retained support, customers will pay a flat fee. At IT Hotdesk, we are flexible in our approach and will work with customers to find an IT solution that works for their business.

At IT Hotdesk, we understand that investing in technology can be expensive, especially when starting a new business. But we also know that businesses can improve productivity and reduce costs by implementing a robust IT strategy. So, to help our customers along, we offer finance options for those who need it. If you need financial support, fill out the form below and one of our IT experts will be in touch.

Your IT service provider should work for you. At IT Hotdesk, we will work with our customers to identify the IT support that their business needs. Most commonly, our customers will need the following as part of their IT strategy:

  • IT helpdesk support
  • Business continuity, data back up and recovery
  • Cyber security strategy and implementation
  • Help with their communications, including installing Microsoft Office, onboarding staff and helping them understand how systems like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Azure can help their business
  • Outlook and Microsoft 365 general support
  • Network and server monitoring
  • Software patching and upgrades

Not with IT Hotdesk! We can't talk on behalf of other IT providers, but at IT Hotdesk, we do all the heavy lifting for our clients. Our onboarding process has limited interactions with our customer and their staff. Depending on the customer and their IT infrastructure, we can often complete the work remotely and will have no need to speak to our customer at all.

If, for whatever reason, we’re not able to do that, it only takes a quick phone call with each user to do a little remote session on their machine, and it takes 2 or 3 minutes to get the agent installed.

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