Windows Virtual Desktop

The future of remote working

Empower your teams with the possibility to work from any location and any device with Windows Virtual Desktop.

This Azure-based service provides you with virtualised desktops and applications which run in the cloud instead of locally on your work PC. So no matter where you are, you can access your work desktop using unique log-in credentials, with the reassurance that your personal data is stored safely.

At IT Hotdesk, we’re here to offer our expert advice and get you set up, with continued support and management to maintain your remote access capabilities.

Industry-leading systems and tools

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Tailored solutions designed for your business

Solutions to meet all budgets

Why use Windows Virtual Desktop?

Reduces the cost of desktop management and infrastructure support

Alleviates the management overheads of traditional on-premise desktop services

Flexibility to create a virtual environment based on individual user needs

Remote access from any location and any device

Fully scalable and agile with the option for single application or whole desktop environment

Simplified management and fast deployment of your Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

Trusted data security and privacy measures with more compliance certifications than any other provider

Is your business secure?

Complete our cyber security checklist and identify any potential gaps exposing your business.

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