6 reasons why you should invest in Security Awareness Training


6 reasons why you should invest in Security Awareness Training

Following on from our latest blog post, ‘Final line of defence: creating a human firewall’, managing director Gordon Christie discusses the key reasons why businesses should invest in security awareness training, why investing in security awareness training is a smart business decision and the benefits you can gain for your business...

1. Employees are the final line of defence

“Businesses that are aware of the severity of cyber attacks and how they can impact their company will often look to invest in the best technology available but will forget about their staff.

“There’s no question about it, technology is a vital part of your cyber security strategy and should act as the first line of defence. Threat detection, advanced endpoint protection SIEM solutions, and email filters are all essential when building a robust security strategy.

“But at the same time, your employees are just as important. Even when you have thought of everything and have the best technology installed, phishing emails and ransomware attacks can still slip through.

“This is when your staff, and the level of their awareness, will have an impact on your business. You need to rely on your employees and be confident in their ability to identify an attempt and notify both your team and your IT provider. At this point, your staff is acting as the final line of defence to your business. In order to achieve this level of protection, Security Awareness Training is a must.”

2. Increased staff understanding of cyber threats

“Often staff will see training as a tick box exercise. It’s something that they have to do but they don’t understand why they are doing it or how it will impact the business. When staff are busy with operational tasks, they will deprioritise training and often question why they have to do it in the first place.

“At IT Hotdesk, our engaging training courses will focus on real-life scenarios which will help staff understand that cyber threats are real. Whether it’s at work or in their personal lives, every member of staff will likely encounter a cyber threat so it is important that they understand the severity of the consequences of being attacked.

“We have found that once staff understands why the training is required, businesses will see an increased commitment to the training course, and staff will actively watch out for threats.”

3. Staff will feel an increased sense of responsibility

“When working within a positive environment, staff will be as committed to an organisation’s success as the business owner. By providing the correct training, staff will become aware of the risks and how they can impact the business, creating a more vigilant cyber security culture which will result in you catching the attacks early.

“At IT Hotdesk, we believe in positive reinforcement. By emphasising how staff play an important role in protecting your business they will have an increased sense of responsibility and will actively report any suspicious emails, which in turn will help you avoid a serious security breach.”

4. Reduce the risk of a cyber attack

“Our experience has shown that the success rate of training is higher when people learn through practical exercises and are engaged in the content. As a result, those who complete our Security Awareness Training are more likely to catch attacks early.

“During our training, we educate staff on the importance of reporting a potential attack to you or your IT provider, rather than engaging with the criminals directly. This will provide your team with the correct measures to contain and mitigate potential attacks that would most likely have reached multiple targets within your company.”

5. Receive insights on your attacks

“Upon completing the Security Awareness Training, your staff will be engaged and eager to help. At this point, you will start to receive an increased amount of data, which may feel overwhelming. At IT Hotdesk, we can install an automated solution, which is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which will allow you to filter and prioritise any reports that require your immediate attention.

“The cyber security landscape is ever-evolving and all data received will be fundamental in helping you develop and maintain a robust cyber strategy.”

6. Review and improve your strategy

“With your staff now more engaged, and your security team receiving insights into your attacks, you will be able to successfully evaluate your strategy and measure its effectiveness. This will allow you to determine the risks and identify where you need to make improvements.”

If you are interested in our security awareness training and would like more information, please get in touch with the IT Hotdesk team by completing the form below. We will then be in touch as soon as possible to provide you with more details, as well as organise a free one-to-one cyber security consultation.

Gordon Christie

Managing Director

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Gordon Christie

Managing Director


6 reasons why you should invest in Security Awareness Training