Public Sector

Supporting the public sector

With technology constantly evolving and shaping every aspect of the way we live, the public sector is undergoing a transitional period towards a more digitally-based way of working.

Traditional and outdated methods are being replaced for a more efficient way of building our contemporary society, serving its citizens, and empowering governments to create a better world.

From government to healthcare, it is imperative that the growing needs for data security, connectivity, and innovation are met to enable positive social change.

How we help your business

Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint

Provide your teams with secure storage and easy access to files from anywhere in the world and any device.

Data connectivity

Secure, fast, and reliable solutions to keep your business connected 24/7.

Managed cloud services

Manage your IT online with our on-demand, pay-as-you-go solutions. Hold everything from servers and storage to applications, analytics, and software, online, and in one place.

“As technology continues to advance, the need for our public sector clients to stay connected with citizens and staff is vital for effective collaboration and social inclusion.

“At IT Hotdesk, we work hard to keep your organisation’s IT infrastructure effective and data secure at all times, installing the most innovative solutions that are right for you.”

Sector challenges

Some of the challenges that our clients working within the public sector face include:

The shift towards Cloud computing

Transforming the way teams work is no easy feat, particularly in an industry where IT departments are firefighting. We strive to empower those in the public sector so your organisation can take full advantage of all that the Cloud has to offer.

Communications and engagement

To truly serve a society, collaboration is key. This means that it is vital for the public sector to provide effective communication channels and engaging online experiences that bring citizens, stakeholders, and teams together.

Ensuring efficiencies

Maintaining a return on investment is an ongoing challenge within the public sector, as well as having the network capabilities to support increasing technological demands.

ISO 9001 accredited

Projects delivered efficiently and effectively

24/7 monitoring

Experts in strategy and implementation


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