Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Protect your systems and stay one step ahead

Mitigate cyber threats by implementing endpoint detection and response solutions. This next generation ‘antivirus’ is more effective and advanced than traditional and outdated solutions, which simply cannot keep up with modern day cyber attacks.

By combining proven machine learning algorithms with advanced behavioural monitoring and hardening of all desktops, laptops and servers, our solution will block even the most sophisticated threats.

24/7 monitoring

Instant access to security-focused engineers

Industry-leading systems and tools

24/7 support available

A layered security suite

This is far more than just an antivirus. In this single product, you’ll have access to antivirus and antimalware, as well as machine learning threat prevention, continuous behavioural monitoring, content control, web filtering and device control.

This approach ensures you have the best prevention and detection, with minimum impact on the protected computers.

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Benefits of our EDR solution:


Real-time visibility across endpoints to enable breaches to be identified and stopped immediately

Behavioural protection

Automatic searches for indicators of attacks, so you can be alerted of suspicious activity

Fast response

Immediate and accurate responses to incidents, to stop an attack before it becomes a breach


Full access to threat intelligence collected


Your systems will be connected to the world’s largest security cloud


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