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In the financial services industry, your business requires an IT support provider who has a detailed understanding of the demands and requirements of your business.

As technology advances, more of your business operations will move online, meaning that a short period of downtime can cause significant costs to your business.

How we help your business

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Managed services

Providing unlimited and all-inclusive detect and protect service for your company.

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Cyber security

Our team of Cyber Security Specialists based in Aberdeen, Scotland can help you detect and mitigate security vulnerabilities, defend against security breaches and attacks, and train your team to continually enhance your protection.

One Drive 64x64

Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint

Provide your teams with secure storage and easy access to files from anywhere in the world and any device.

What others are saying...

“IT Hotdesk is vital for our business in that we can call in with any issue and their team is on hand to fix it quickly, minimising any disruption to our business.

“Working with Gordon, we were able to tailor our package to suit our business needs whilst working within our budget.”

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Sector challenges

Data security

Implementing a robust cybersecurity policy to ensure that both your company and your clients’ sensitive data is protected.

Legacy systems

The development of technological change can weaken businesses' legacy systems which they have invested heavily into over the years.

GDPR compliance

Ensuring that client data and case files comply with current GDPR regulations. Financial services means companies have access to large amounts of personal data and must meet the requirements of GDPR.

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Secure, fast and reliable solutions

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ISO 9001 accredited

IT support helpline

Delivering cost-effective support

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Certified and experienced team

“As technology advances, our clients' workflow and systems are changing. Tasks that were once manual are now moving online, meaning that any downtime can cost clients.

“We work with clients to develop a package that fits their business needs.”


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