Cyber Security Services in Aberdeen

Providing Aberdeen-based companies with trusted, reliable and proactive cyber security support to protect their teams, customers and assets

Based in Aberdeen, our team of cyber security specialists have years of experience protecting businesses and dealing with cyber attacks.

As cyber attacks are becoming more common and cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated, it is extremely important for your business to enhance the level of protection it has against cyber threats.

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Gordon Christie - MD
Gordon Christie
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How IT Hotdesk can help

IT Hotdesk can help protect your business in a variety of ways, from educating your staff on the basics of cyber security and the most common phishing attacks, to designing and implementing a robust cyber security strategy, the team are here to help.

Working with you to establish your business needs, our team of cyber security specialists in Aberdeen can help secure your business whilst ensuring that your employees are comfortable that they can identify risks, and competent in how they operate their IT systems.

As part of our cyber security plans, the IT Hotdesk team will continually monitor and detect any potential threats and come up with solutions to fix any problems that arise.

“The impact of a cyber attack can be huge – from a financial perspective (with systems being down or hackers demanding money) to a reputational perspective (if emails were to be sent out with the business to suppliers and customers). This is a very real threat, yet these attacks could be prevented if staff awareness was higher, or experts were brought in to detect and protect.”

AJ Johnstone
Cyber Security Architect
Cyber security provider in Aberdeen

Cyber Security Assessments

Our team of cyber security experts can conduct a full assessment of your business, to give you full visibility and a prioritised list of actions that will plug your gaps and strengthen your defence against cyber threats.

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Security Awareness Training

Equip and empower your employees by providing the information they need to protect themselves and the organisation from cyber threats.

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IT Strategy

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