Cyber Security Assessments

Detect the security risks threatening your company

Cyber security is a constantly evolving landscape, with new threats emerging daily. Defence is not enough on its own, it should be paired with detection so you can detect potential threats and vulnerabilities before any damage is caused to your business.

Our team of cyber security experts can conduct a full assessment of your business, to give you full visibility and a prioritised list of actions that will plug your gaps and strengthen your defence against cyber threats.

Why perform an assessment?

A cyber security assessment can identify and prioritise risks to your business operations, business assets and employees.

By identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities, and creating a remediation strategy, you are more likely to prevent or reduce security incidents which can save your business money and reputational damage.

The benefits of a cyber security assessment:

  • Identifies your vulnerabilities and weakest security areas
  • Prioritises new security requirements to consider
  • Fully scalable and flexible depending on your needs
  • Designed specifically for your business
  • Proactive approach to highlight risks before they’re exploited
  • Certification preparation

How we can help:

  • Internal and external security tests on your IT infrastructure
  • Comparison against industry best practice
  • Creation of an assessment report, which includes a risk matrix and recommended actions
  • Review of findings with your IT focal point to define priorities
  • Implement or support you with remediation work

“The cyber security threat landscape is ever evolving, with new vulnerabilities being discovered and exploited all the time. A cyber security assessment is an important part of cyber security best practices, as it will detect the risks threatening your organisation, and provide recommended actions to enhance your security.”

- AJ Johnstone, Cyber Security Architect

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