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Proactively protect your company, your staff and your reputation

Cyber attacks are evolving, becoming more sophisticated and happening more frequently, so it’s more important than ever to enhance your security to protect your organisation’s infrastructure, data and users.

From targeted industrial espionage or phishing, to ransomware or viruses, cyber attacks are very real and can cause serious damage to your business if you don’t put safety measures in place.

We believe a strong defence, proactive detection and enhanced cyber security skills are essential in every business.

Our team of cyber security specialists can help you detect and mitigate security vulnerabilities, defend against security breaches and attacks, and train your team to continually enhance your protection.


UK businesses report having cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months


Breach victims are small and medium sized businesses


Ransomware attacks have increased over 97% in the past two years


One small business in the UK is successfully hacked every 19 seconds

Is your business secure?

Find out if your business is safe with our free cyber security checklist. 

“The impact of a cyber attack can be huge – from a financial perspective (with systems being down or hackers demanding money) to a reputational perspective (if emails were to be sent out with the business to suppliers and customers). This is a very real threat, yet these attacks could be prevented if staff awareness was higher, or experts were brought in to detect and protect.”

- AJ Johnstone, Cyber Security Architect

Free cyber security consultation

We are offering free 1-to-1 sessions to Scottish companies, to provide expert advice around cyber security and help you prevent a cyber attack.

The most common cyber attacks and how to prevent them
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Don’t let a phishing scam see you out of pocket

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