Cyber security tips for Aberdeen businesses


Cyber security tips for Aberdeen businesses

One of the biggest threats to businesses across the globe is cyber security breaches. If sensitive information is found in the hands of the wrong people, the results can be catastrophic, as described by our cyber security expert in Aberdeen, AJ Johnston:

“The impact of a cyber attack can be huge – from a financial perspective (with systems being down or hackers demanding money) to a reputational perspective (if emails were to be sent out with the business to suppliers and customers). This is a very real threat, yet these attacks could be prevented if staff awareness was higher, or experts were brought in to detect and protect.”

For businesses looking for tips on how to strengthen their cyber security, we’ve shared 6 top tips from our vast experience working with companies in Aberdeen and across Scotland, that are guaranteed to strengthen your online security and reduce the risk of a cyber attack occurring.

1. Invest in cyber security training

Multiple surveys and studies have shown that employee negligence is the leading cause of cyber security breaches throughout companies across the world. To tackle this issue, it is recommended to conduct ongoing security awareness training, helping to give staff the tools they need to protect and identify potential cyber attacks or scams.

Phishing scams are a very common occurrence and new scams are continuously being created, therefore it is key that training is conducted regularly to stay in line with new techniques. The more informed that staff are, the more confident they will feel in reporting a potential scam - and ultimately your business will remain resilient to potential attacks.

2. Create multiple layers of protection

Drilled into you from an early age, the longer and more complex your password is the fewer chances a hacker has of gaining easy access to important or sensitive information.

Multi-factor authentication is the perfect solution to helping protect your business from cyber attacks as it adds an additional layer of security, making it harder for hackers to get through. Also having a password policy system that uses simple tricks such as using passphrases over passwords is an easy way to enhance the protection of your team's accounts.

3. Carry out regular software updates

For many, manually updating software or computer systems may seem like an unusual concept as we are now living in a world where automatic updates are the norm. However, some systems such as the firmware in wi-fi routers need to be regularly updated.

Software or systems that are unpatched or out of date pose a particularly large threat in terms of cyber security breaches. Hackers will tend to target systems that are vulnerable or weak, as they are the easiest to get into. All devices in the workplace should be checked for updates including items such as printers, photocopiers and phones.

4. Use a VPN to make your connections more private

With most employees now working from home full or part time, businesses have become more susceptible to cyber attacks as their devices are exposed to unsecured networks that could be the potential target of hackers.

Businesses can use a VPN so that their employees can safely get remote access to internal documents or data, or to create a focal point that can be shared between different office locations.

The ultimate goal of VPNs for businesses is to create a safer network stream compared to other options such as public internet points or home wireless networks.

5. Conduct regular risk assessments

No matter how big or small your business is, risk assessments are necessary for identifying potential threats and weaknesses. This can allow you to prioritise high risk areas and put strategies in place to combat and mitigate the risk of a cyber or phishing attack.

At IT Hotdesk, our team of cyber security experts is on hand to conduct a full assessment of your business, giving you the information necessary to plug any gaps and strengthen your overall cyber security.

6. Ensure your documents and files are backed up

If a security breach was to occur, you want to make sure that your most important files and documents are not lost. In order to be proactive, it is important to ensure that you are carrying out regular backups, whether that be on the cloud or to a local drive.

For help assessing and maximising your cloud computing technologies, we offer a range of managed cloud services that can be scaled to your business as it grows over time.

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Cyber security tips for Aberdeen businesses