Ransomware & Phishing


Ransomware is a growing cyber security threat which could affect your business if you don’t have the appropriate protection.

There are two types of ransomware; the first that encrypts the files on a computer or network. The second which will lock the users screen. Both will require a payment to be able to use the computer normally again.

So how does it infect your system?

Sometimes you are tricked into running a programme or clicking a link which contains ransomware which will arrive via authentic looking email attachments which is known as phishing.

So how do we avoid falling into these traps when we receive emails?

  • Look out for emails that seem too good to be true. Lucrative offers and attention-grabbing statements like you have won the lottery or some lavish prize, it is unlikely to be true!
  • If there us a sense of urgency asking you to act fast or that your account will be suspended its very rarely the case & you can always visit the source directly rather than clicking the link.
  • Check the hyperlinks by hovering over them. It could be completely different to the website they are posing to be.
  • Check the email address for misspelling that you probably wouldn’t notice at a glance.
  • Attachments that you were not expecting should not be opened, even if from someone you know, as they could have payloads like ransomware or other viruses.

With phishing attacks being on the rise, we would urge you to have the appropriate protection, so that you are not at risk from identity theft and financial loss.

If you would like to know more on what your organisation should be doing to stay safe, please give us a call and talk to one or our security experts on 01224 511611.















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