The simplicity of switching IT providers

Improve your IT with a seamless switch to a team of experts

If you are unhappy with the level of service you’re receiving from your current IT provider, and want to improve your IT by working with a trusted, proactive company, it is time to make the switch.

We onboard new clients every month, and transitioning to IT Hotdesk is very simple...

Step 1: Network assessment and risk report
One of our engineers will visit your business, assess your network and chat with members of your team to get a feel for how they currently operate your systems, and how well they are working. This will allow us to:
  • Generate a comprehensive overview of your infrastructure
  • Detect any potential problems you are facing
  • Create a consolidated risk report, which details all of our findings
Step 2: Quotation
As the risk report will detail exactly how many machines, users and servers your business has, we will use this information to provide you with an accurate quotation for managing your IT systems. This quotation will include:
  • A clear picture of what your month-to-month costs will be
  • The ways we would fix any issues or risks flagged in our report
Step 3: Onboarding
If you are happy with the quote, and choose to switch to IT Hotdesk, we would solve the issues identified before onboarding you. Our onboarding process is very straightforward:
  • We will engage with your current IT provider for a handover, so we can get key information such as system passwords
  • We would then deploy our management software onto your machines, and arrange for the services we offer to be set up. If you have chosen any additional services, such as managed antivirus, patching or additional email security, we would deploy these during this stage too.
  • We would then move to conducting the technical configuration on our side, to finish setting up our systems.

As soon as these 3 simple steps are completed, we are ready to start proactively managing your IT and delivering the services agreed.

“I’m involved in onboarding all new clients at IT Hotdesk. We always endeavor to make sure everything is clearly explained and demonstrated to the teams we’re working with, and we work hard to ensure they fully understand what they’re getting from us, the steps we will be taking, and the level of service we can offer.

“People often think switching providers is stressful or risky, but it isn’t. We conduct our network assessment first to give us all the knowledge we need to enable our engineers to onboard our clients as efficiently as possible.”

Josh, Operations Team Leader

The benefits of switching to IT Hotdesk:

  • Quick response times
  • Competitive rates
  • Both proactive and reactive service
  • Dedicated point of contact who understands your business
  • Team of experts focused on efficient, reliable and effective solutions

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