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In modern society, consumers are more tech-savvy and as a result, have ever-evolving expectations. Within the leisure and entertainment sector, consumers are looking for innovative technology when they shop.

The use of immersive and interactive technologies are becoming more prevalent, and customers see this as an added value. It’s important that companies keep abreast with the trends in order to keep up with competitors.

IT Hotdesk are perfectly positioned to help companies offer a solution that positively impacts every aspect of the customer journey.

Sector challenges

Some of the challenges that the leisure and entertainment industry face include:

Retaining and attracting customers

In a highly competitive industry, it’s important that companies regularly review and improve customer experience. This will attract new customers as well as engaging with existing ones.

Data protection

Providing a secure trading environment that will protect customers’ personal and financial information whilst maintaining compliance with PCI and GDPR legislation.


Providing customers with a unique, and enjoyable experience - both online and in venues - that will encourage brand loyalty.

24/7 availability

Having the ability to offer the same level of customer service whenever they contact you, even when the venues are closed.

How we help your business

Managed cybersecurity services

Providing unlimited and all-inclusive detect and protect service for your company.

Managed cloud service

Manage your IT online with our on-demand, pay-as-you-go solutions. Hold everything from servers and storage to applications, analytics, and software, online, and in one place.

Data backup & recovery

The data your business needs to be safe and secure, ensuring that it is recoverable should anything uncertain happen.


Secure, fast, and reliable solutions to keep your business connected 24/7.

Why choose IT Hotdesk

“They say that in times of rapid change, still standing is the most dangerous course of action. And at IT Hotdesk, we couldn’t agree more.

Like technology, the modern consumer is an ever-evolving beast. To make sure that you’re keeping up with competitors, it’s important that you embrace new trends and adopt new offerings.

As experts in our field, we understand new technologies and have the experience to predict the development of new trends. This allows for our team to make recommendations and improvements to your service offering so that you don’t have to”

- Gordon Christie, Managing Director, IT Hotdesk

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