IT Procurement Services

Selecting the best solutions for your business.

At IT Hotdesk we are proud to be an independent reseller of hardware and software solutions including HP, Dell, Cisco, Solarwinds, Sophos, VMware, Microsoft and Veeam.

We don’t just advise on the best available hardware and software solutions currently available, but also research future developments in order to recommend imminent new products and technologies that may benefit your business.

We trial new hardware and software within our own test environments to ensure we integrate the right boxes with the right applications to give the right results in your network environment.

IT Hotdesk can evaluate, specify and procure a range of current servers, workstations and peripheral hardware to complement our network consultancy and installation services in completing your network project.

Our networking solutions comprise the collective ‘best fit’ between new hardware and software components and your existing infrastructure.

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IT Hardware Procurement

Whether it’s a PC for a new member of staff, an additional server for your new application or an entire IT network and system upgrade, we can source, supply and install it for you with minimal overhead.

IT Hotdesk work closely with customers to understand your business needs and recommend only the most appropriate hardware for your procurement investment. In addition, we also work with a number of strategic vendors to evaluate and select branded and reliable hardware and always ensure a competitive price.

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IT Software Procurement

From operating system platforms to various functional desktop applications, we can procure your required software through our trusted vendors.

Our software specialists can propose the best way to purchase your software by understanding your business needs and ensuring your software is an asset to improve performance and profitability.

We also have the expertise and experience to install and support the software we provide by accredited technical engineers.


Let's face facts, licensing can be a minefield of information. Making sure you get the most from the agreement you buy under is essential.

At IT Hotdesk, we provide you with a dedicated account manager, who will proactively monitor your agreement to ensure you capitalise on every benefit available to you, whilst reminding you of important milestones concerning upgrades and renewals. With our extensive experience in licensing we can also help find the most cost effective solution using various licensing options. In summary, IT Hotdesk can help you:

• Understand the various licensing agreements

• Ensure your software estate is compliant at all times

• Re-engineer your licensing agreement so it is aligned with your business strategy

• Make the most of package, promotion and volume discounts

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IT Financing

Finance solutions to help you acquire the technology you need

IT Hotdesk have partnered up with one of the UK’s leading independent IT finance providers, enabling us to provide tailored finance solutions and advice to help your organisation acquire the technology you need, when you need it.

We help commercial, professional and public sector organisations of all sizes to acquire the business assets and resources they need, whilst preserving their capital and without traditional budgetary constraints.

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Get in touch with our team of experts. They'll be able to:

  • Provide you with more information about our finance options

  • Answer any questions you may have

  • Discuss your requirements, and provide advice or guidance