Helping the housing sector make lives better

The modern world is controlled by technology, which in turn, is making tenants more demanding customers. Tenants need to be updated on any changes or new information quickly. This can be made easier through the use of sophisticated communication channels that give access to their providers, billing information, and maintenance at the press of a button.

Sector challenges

Some of the challenges that the housing industry face include:

Consumer experience

Utilising technology to ensure that all users, regardless of their age or capabilities, have access to the relevant information.

Modern working practices

The changing work environment, such as a shift the to flexible working means that the housing sector has to have the practices in place to keep staff engaged and motivated; no matter where they are.


Companies' communication channels need to be streamlined so that they can gain insights into customer experience, such as delivering quick resolutions to any issues or problems.

How we help your business

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a complete solution that allows employees to work collaboratively and securely from anywhere.

Managed cybersecurity services

Providing an unlimited and all-inclusive detect and protect service for your company.

Managed cloud service

Manage your IT online with our on-demand, pay-as-you-go solutions. Hold everything from servers and storage to applications, analytics, and software, online, and in one place.


Secure, fast, and reliable solutions to keep your business connected 24/7

Data backup & recovery

The data your business needs to be safe and secure, ensuring that it is recoverable should anything uncertain happen.

Why choose IT Hotdesk

“At IT Hotdesk, we offer a bespoke service to each of our customers. Working with you to establish your objectives, we will design a service plan that fits your company’s needs.”

- Gordon Christie, Managing Director, IT Hotdesk

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