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Due to the nature of the education sector, the requirement for a modern and robust IT system is crucial.

The sector faces new challenges that did not exist in the past. Now more than ever, universities need to embrace technological advances in order for them to continue to compete with other institutions and provide the highest quality service that they can. 

Sector challenges

Some of the challenges that clients working within the education sector face include:


Having the technology and support in place to support the needs of the students. The modern student needs to access educational platforms on the move, and for information and data about learning and workload to be available at the touch of a button.


As a modern university, it’s important for student staff and faculty to have the ability to collaborate with ease.


Having the ability to offer new, collaborative teaching and learning techniques to students who cannot attend lectures or live abroad.


In recent years, as more is available online, universities have found that students will complete a large proportion of their work off-campus. This has brought new challenges for the sector as organisations have to ensure that their data is secure and that they comply with the required regulations.


having the capacity to handle the level of traffic visiting your website and received via email during the clearing period.

How we help your business

Managed cloud service

Manage your IT online with our on-demand, pay-as-you-go solutions. Hold everything from servers and storage to applications, analytics, and software, online, and in one place.

Managed cybersecurity services

Providing an unlimited and all-inclusive detect and protect service for your company.

Data backup & recovery

The data your business has needed to be safe and secure, but it needs to be recoverable should anything uncertain happen. The aim is to adopt a multiple redundancy approach so that your key data is never lost and neither is access to it, in a worst-case scenario.

Why choose IT Hotdesk

“In modern day academia, the need for dependable IT systems is essential. Educational institutes have a vast network of computers, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and with this only increasing IT has never been so crucial to success in this sector.

To guarantee a smooth service, it is important that you have technical experts on hand for support. At IT Hotdesk we can tailor our service to suit your organisation’s needs.”

- Gordon Christie, Managing Director, IT Hotdesk

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