Disaster Recovery

Plan, prepare and protect your IT infrastructure before disaster strikes

Is your business prepared to continue its delivery of service in the face of a disruptive incident?

From natural disasters like fires and floods, to human error, cyber attacks and system failures, IT disasters are a constant threat for every business, and can happen at any time. The resulting downtime is not only harmful to your company’s reputation, but can also lead directly to lost revenue.

To confidently safeguard your business stays on course, it is not enough to hope for the best - you need to have a plan B.

We are here to help you fully understand and mitigate the risks to your business. 

IT infrastructure provides the vital foundation on which your business operation is delivered. Our disaster recovery solutions ensure your business hurdles any threat that should strike, giving you the peace of mind that when disaster strikes, you already have effective recovery plans in place to swiftly restore your business back to running at full speed.

What IT Hotdesk offers:

  • Business analysis workshops to identify and understand the risks you are facing
  • Design and implementation of tailor made disaster recovery solutions optimised for your business
  • Daily automated testing to guarantee fully working services every time you encounter IT failures
  • Unrivalled technical support and leadership
  • Effective solutions suitable for integration with fully managed and unmanaged services
  • Use of the latest continuous replication technologies, providing near instantaneous recovery solutions with zero data loss

“The level of service and functionality that we provide ensures your IT systems can recover quickly, and will restore business continuity within minutes.”

- Stewart Houston, Technical Operations Manager

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