Web Security Gateway

Real-time threat defence and protection

Your team relies on the internet to do their jobs, but the web is increasingly used to breach company defences and successfully launch attacks.

A web security gateway is a single solution for advanced malware protection, data loss prevention, policy control and more - to ensure your team is safe when using the web at work, no matter what device they’re using.

Advanced protection for your business

Our web security gateway service will protect your team and business from cyber attacks, by automatically monitoring and inspecting all web requests, and blocking access to unsafe resources - with no delay in response time

The benefits of deploying a web security gateway:

  • Prevent your staff from landing on sites that contain threats, including malware
  • Stop your team from downloading files that contain malware
  • Control the types of websites your team is able to visit
  • Protect your data from attacks

“The cyber security threat landscape is ever evolving, with new vulnerabilities being discovered and exploited all the time. A cyber security assessment is an important part of cyber security best practices, as it will detect the risks threatening your organisation, and provide recommended actions to enhance your security.”

- AJ Johnstone, Cyber Security Architect

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