Full Disk Encryption

Ensure your data is in safe hands

Data is the most valuable asset in the digital economy, yet phones, tablets, and laptops loaded with company sensitive information could be stolen or hacked at any time. Although equipment can be replaced at a monetary cost, often the data contained on them cannot be.

You wouldn’t leave your home unlocked and at risk, so why would it be any different for your employees’ equipment? That’s where full disk encryption comes in, to intelligently protect your company’s data against theft, misplacement, hacking or accidental data loss.

What is full disk encryption?

Full disk encryption is the process of encrypting every piece of data on a disk, including the operating system, so that it cannot be accessed by anyone without an authentication key. This keeps your colleagues, customers and computers safe in the event of theft or misplacement of equipment.

How we can help

Our team of experts can execute and manage the full disk encryption process. This includes securely storing the authentication key, to reduce your risk even further.

Key features of this service:

  • Encryption management from the same cloud or on-premise console you are using for endpoint protection
  • Uses proven native encryption for Windows and Mac, with no new agent required
  • Encryption specific reports that help you demonstrate compliance

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