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Company:     Mathieson Financial Services
Industry:       Financial Services
Country:       UK

How long have you been working with IT Hotdesk, and what does the team do for your business?

We have been working with IT Hotdesk for around 3 years now. Gordon was extremely helpful in supporting a change to whole internet arrangements here at the business centre, which in turn then helped us. The support that IT Hotdesk provides is vital for our business as we can call in with any issue and they are on hand to fix it.

What value does the IT Hotdesk team deliver, and what have you been impressed with?

Having IT Hotdesk on a retainer allows for us to focus on our business, do what we do best and not have to worry about different IT systems failing.

With anything, there’s always a risk that something will break. Computers and systems fail sometimes but it’s important that they’re fixed quickly. Having IT Hotdesk on hand at all times provides us with a peace of mind that if something does go wrong it will be fixed quickly and with minimum disruption to our business. The team at IT Hotdesk is very efficient at what they do. I feel that they can bring true value to any business that doesn’t have their own internal IT support.

Why did you choose to outsource your IT?

For us, outsourcing out was not a choice, it was a necessity. Having an external agency manage our IT saves the company time and money. We are a small business in that we employ a total of 6 people.

Our business requires a professional IT service but we do not have the time or budget to stretch to employing a member of staff dedicated to IT.

What is your top tip for someone thinking about outsourcing their IT, or switching service provider?

Don’t search for the cheapest IT provider. I have found over the years that you get what you pay for. Therefore, having such a good team of IT experts on hand, with a business owner who really puts his team and his end clients first on his daily decisions is true value for money. We feel valued as an end user.

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