Laurie & Company

Laurie & Co provides high speed, secure wireless access for colleagues and guests.

Customer profile

Company: Laurie & Co
Industry: Professional Legal Services
Country: UK
Employees: 30 +

The business needs

To continue innovation, Laurie & Co looked to provide a platform to enable enhanced communication and collaboration between office sites and to reduce the total cost of ownership.

How we helped

On completion of a wireless survey, we implemented a managed router with VLAN technology, this provided a basis for the separation of the networks. Wi-Fi access points were strategically located to provide maximum wireless penetration with dual SSID broadcasts with separation. The service is fully managed on a day by day basis by IT Hotdesk.

"We are very happy with the service provided by IT Hotdesk. We have found them to be helpful, knowledgeable and responsive. It is important to us that they are based locally and are able to respond quickly with a visit when it is required. We would be happy to recommend them."

Fiona Mitchell
Partner at Laurie & co.


Rapid & Secure Access for Guests to the Internet

High Speed access to Confidential Data

On-site Technical Support & Maintenance

Legal Compliance

The legal sector

IT Hotdesk has a wealth of experience in working with companies in the legal industry, ensuring that they exceed the IT requirements.

At IT Hotdesk, we practice what we preach. Our robust quality management system allows the team to deliver a secure and efficient service, which is backed up by our ISO9001 accreditation.

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