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How IT can help your business thrive. 

Unlock success through technology

AT IT Hotdesk, our goal is to help you achieve business success by unlocking opportunities through technology.

Our range of free webinars and educational blog posts are designed to help educate and inform businesses on how the use of the correct IT systems and implementing new technologies can improve operations and drive efficiencies. 

Business continuity: preparing for the unexpected

You can’t predict the next disaster but you can prepare for it. Our business continuity webinar highlights the importance of risk management, and how business continuity plans and business impact analysis can be fundamental to an organisation’s long-term success.

Cyber security: 14 ways to protect your business

In our latest webinar, managing director Gordon Chrisite and cyber architect AJ Johnston discuss how you can protect your business by following these 14 simple steps. 

Hybrid working: preparing for the new normal

As the world begins to return to normal there has been a considerable increase in hybrid working, where people will split their time between office and home working.

In this webinar, we discuss the best practices and strategies for businesses looking to adapt to the new normal whilst maintaining a strong cyber security posture.

Threat horizon: keeping your business safe

The cyber security team was joined by RBS Fraud Prevention Analyst, Ally Stewart. On the day they discussed insights and actionable advice around cyber security threats.

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6 reasons why you should invest in Security Awareness Training

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Final line of defence: how to create a human firewall

Cyber attacks have increased every year, as people try to benefit from vulnerable business systems. As a result, the importance of providing staff with effective training should not be underestimated. 

Business insights: Understanding the cyber security landscape

Lifting the lid on the more sinister side of the internet, Gordon discusses everything from vulnerabilities and cyber attacks to the dark web, focusing on how businesses can protect themselves from unwanted attention online. 

3 important considerations for effective hybrid working

Managing director, Gordon Christie, has shared his thoughts on hybrid working, how you can protect your business, and important things to consider to ensure your business thrives regardless of where your team is working.

Business insights: 5 tips for spotting a phishing email

Cyber attacks are evolving, becoming more sophisticated and happening more frequently. Everyday individuals are being targeted by phishing emails, and although some of these messages are obviously fraudulent, others can be a bit more convincing...

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