Worried About a Cyber Attack?


Worried About a Cyber Attack?

For cybercriminals looking to make money off unsuspecting users, the web is a goldmine. There are more than 2.7 billion users on the web each day. And with roughly 700 million websites, there are ample opportunities for the criminals to infect you through compromised websites.

Even people who understand the risks may not know how to protect themselves, because a malware attack can happen in so many ways. We’d like to explain the mechanics behind a web attack and show you the technologies, tools and tactics you need to stay safe.

In this infographic, we can see the five stages of a web malware attack, from entry to execution. In this example, a user’s web browser is hijacked by a drive-by download and redirected to an exploit kit, which probes the user’s computer and applications for vulnerabilities. Once a vulnerability is found, a malicious payload is downloaded onto the victim computer (infection). Finally, the malware (in this case also called ransomware) attempts to extort money from the victim.

Reduce the risk of attack

So how do you ensure you act to reduce the chance of infection. It really comes down too many factors. Simple things like ensuring Internet browsers are set with appropriate security levels, restricting unauthorised software, limiting or ideally removing local administrative rights from workstations are some of those.

Within my business At IT Hotdesk my Cyber Security experts take a consultative approach with our clients, every network is different and every client has different risks. Our Cyber Security teams work day and night learning about the threats and working to combat the next emerging threat. Implementing solutions for customers that are business-centric protecting our customers and providing the right advice is critical.

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Worried About a Cyber Attack?