What IT support is available for companies in Aberdeen?


What IT support is available for companies in Aberdeen?

At IT Hotdesk, our goal is to help companies across Aberdeen harness the power of their IT solutions to improve security, enhance operations, and ultimately grow their businesses.

In this blog post, Gordon Christie, Managing Director of IT Hotdesk, discusses the key ways in which our team of experts supports companies across Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire with their IT strategies and systems…

1. IT strategy & support services

“Reviewing, developing and enhancing an IT strategy is often the first step we take in supporting local companies - as this provides a solid foundation and roadmap for achieving success through technology.

“Having a robust IT strategy, and identifying the ongoing support required to achieve that strategy, can bring a huge range of benefits to a business - from reduced downtime and increased productivity, to enhanced security and greater efficiency when it comes to remote working.

“Our support solutions include:

  • IT Strategy: Our team of experts can help your company develop a cost-effective IT strategy that fully aligns with your company's objectives and goals. This roadmap will outline key activities and targets for improving your IT infrastructure.

  • Managed services: For many businesses across Aberdeen, dedicating time to IT services can be a time-consuming process that often detracts focus away from core business operations. We offer managed services to bridge that gap, ensuring IT priorities don’t slip. By outsourcing your IT services, your business has easy access to specialist knowledge and expertise, ensuring issues are resolved and quickly and effectively as possible.

  • Consultancy: Whether you need support with solving an IT problem, or would benefit from additional expertise or guidance, our consultancy service is ideal.”

2. Cyber Security

“The unpredictability of cyber attacks can be very daunting for businesses. With attacks continuously becoming more advanced and increasing in volume, it is vitally important that your business has preventative measures in place to reduce the risks of a cyber attack taking place.

“Our team of cyber security specialists based in Aberdeen is on hand to offer support regarding the protection of your company's IT infrastructure, starting with a full Cyber Security Assessment. From identifying vulnerabilities to conducting regular training on how to best protect your business, we can help strengthen your cyber security resilience and reduce the likelihood of being attacked.

“Our cyber security support services include:

3. Business continuity & disaster recovery

“In the event that your business was a target of a cyber attack, it is essential that you have a plan in place that allows your business operations to continue as normal. Not only can cyber attacks be costly, they can also lead to increased levels of downtime, cause major disruption to the delivery of your work, and can damage your reputation.

“At IT Hotdesk, we offer disaster recovery solutions which give you the reassurance that if an incident were to occur, you could safely and effectively deal with the situation. We support businesses across the North East of Scotland and beyond with this solution, helping to develop a robust plan that is customised to each individual business’s needs.”

4. IT projects

“Large and complex IT projects are often challenging due to the volume of moving parts, and level of specialist expertise required. To ensure that you deliver your project in the most cost-effective, efficient and successful way possible, we can plug into your team to support however you need.

“We offer a range of flexible project solutions - whether you are looking for a dedicated IT specialist to lead or manage the project, need additional manpower, or you require specialist skills that you do not currently have in-house, we’re here to help.”

5. Managed cloud services

Managed cloud services can often be described as the future of IT management, changing the way in which information is stored. Making the transition from traditional forms of IT management to cloud computing solutions can be a daunting prospect that many businesses struggle to start.

“Not only can we aid the transition to the cloud, we can also help leverage and enhance your current cloud solutions. By conducting thorough assessments of your hardware and software, we are able to identify areas of potential improvement.

“We offer a variety of cloud computing solutions to companies across Aberdeen and Scotland, including:

6. Communications

“The basis of any business is effective and reliable communication, and it is imperative that your business has the relevant IT solutions in place to be able to communicate with your staff and customers. If you’re looking for ways to improve and take your digital communications to the next level then our Aberdeen team can assist by providing communication solutions such as data connectivity and Microsoft teams phone systems.”

Discover more about our IT support in Aberdeen

Discover more about our IT support in Aberdeen

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Discover more about our IT support in Aberdeen

If you’re interested in any of our IT support services and would like more information, please get in touch with the IT Hotdesk team in Aberdeen via the form below. A member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible with more details alongside organising a free one-to-one consultation.


What IT support is available for companies in Aberdeen?