IT Hotdesk NextGen Firewall


IT Hotdesk NextGen Firewall

Advanced Network Security Made Simple


This powerful turnkey solution provides robust protection to secure multiple networks from advanced threats.

Key Solution Advantages

Optimize the security, performance, and availability of your networks

• Centralized control providing quick visibility on detection events

• Intelligent traffic regulation prioritizes critical system performance

• Powerful Advanced Threat Detection and dual antivirus engines, combined with IDS/IPS, protect against malware, ransomware, and zero-day exploits

Integrated Next-Generation Security

The IT Hotdesk NextGen Firewall from Barracuda is designed and built from the ground up to provide comprehensive, next-generation firewall capabilities. Cloud-hosted content filtering and reporting offload compute-intensive tasks to the cloud for greater resource efficiency and throughput. Based on application visibility, user-identity awareness, intrusion prevention, and centralized management, this firewall is the ideal solution for today’s connected businesses.

Regaining Control of User Activity

NextGen Firewalls extend security coverage beyond network boundaries and makes it easy to monitor and regulate your network and everything users are doing.

Key Features - Advanced Security

Firewall – Application control and granular application enforcement; interception of SSL/TLS encrypted applications

User Identity Awareness – Supports authentication of users and enforcement of user-aware firewall rules; works with a variety of authentication methods

Intrusion Detection and Prevention – Comprehensive real-time protection against exploits, threats, and vulnerabilities

Advanced Threat Detection – Dynamic analysis of malware programs and documents with embedded exploits

Malware Protection – Shields the internal network by scanning web content, emails, and file transfers

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IT Hotdesk NextGen Firewall