Do you know how healthy your IT systems are?


Do you know how healthy your IT systems are?

IT systems are the lifeline of 21st century business. With technology managing everything from sales to accounts to customer relationships and network storage for vital business documentation, its easy to take such systems for granted and become vulnerable to outages and downtime.

Who hasn’t been left frustrated by an unexpected failure resulting in lost productivity? The financial costs of such outages are high. In fact, nearly 60 million working hours were lost to internet outages alone last year in the UK, at an estimated cost of £742 million to the UK economy and with the average business experiencing at least two incidents and 16 hours of downtime.

It is clear that a reactive approach is bad for business especially when implementing Proactive Monitoring within your organisation can not only reduce downtime and lost productivity, but actually optimise your business.

What is Proactive Monitoring?

Proactive Monitoring is the constant monitoring of IT systems through data and intelligence to assess their health and predict any failures before they arise. This preventative approach means IT teams can rectify issues and spot potential threats before they have even occurred.

What are the Best Practices for Proactive Monitoring?

While Proactive Monitoring can be used to trouble shoot major potential errors, it offers much greater value to a business than simply averting a crisis before it happens. For example, an organisation may find that all of its systems are operational, but its software packages may be running slow, decreasing productivity and business performance.

By implementing a range of preventative systems and processes using sophisticated analytics and technology, IT support teams gain a deeper insight and longer-term view of the backbone of your organisation. Through alerts and notifications, they can see when something is not quite right, providing a cost-effective solution to identifying upgrades, optimising productivity and supporting your business objectives.

A Proactive Monitoring approach covers a range of business-critical IT systems including disc space, RAM utilisation, networks, security, applications and software. When applied across the board, it provides organisations with a total picture of the health of your systems. Furthermore, it’s not just the Proactive Monitoring systems in place that count. A commitment to Proactive Monitoring goes beyond the health of your systems and extends to the health of relationships too. It must include a support team which is aligned closely to fully understand unique IT requirements, including the pinch points within your systems and identifying the areas where optimisation would most effectively support you in improving business performance and accelerating growth.

Why should Proactive Monitoring be included in your business strategy?

Including Proactive Monitoring in your business strategy is a crucial step for any organisation with ambitions for growth. Not only will it save on lost time and money as a result of an outage, it will enable you to identify the areas where your system is not performing as effectively as it should and improve them in order to increase productivity.

As new technology emerges, our systems will continue to grow in complexity and the stakes of failure are likely only to get higher. With the support of a knowledgeable IT provider, you will have peace of mind that the systems which underpin your business are taken care of, allowing you to get on with the running of your organisation. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that we will work tirelessly to unlock the solutions which ensure your systems are optimised for increased productivity and future growth.

Gordon our MD here at IT Hotdesk and has worked very closely with clients to safeguard their systems. Gordon would be delighted to have a conversation with you to show you what partnering with IT Hotdesk can do for your business.

To reach Gordon, call him on 01224 511611.

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Do you know how healthy your IT systems are?