Accelerate productivity whilst working from home


Accelerate productivity whilst working from home

North-east firms can ensure business continuity during the current crisis by putting systems in place that not only maximise productivity but create room for future growth.

By taking a long-term approach to internal processes, companies can benefit from enhanced staff performance and reduced downtime.

A few months ago, we asked some critical questions as part of our team’s ongoing business continuity planning and identified various scenarios that could potentially impact operations.

Key considerations included how to accommodate changing employee needs, assessing the impact of staff working from home, introducing measures to allow people to keep in touch, and meeting customer service level agreements.

We then developed appropriate solutions and tested potential scenarios, which involved moving selected people to work from home for the day.

Given our position as a technology specialist, we’re perhaps better equipped for the present situation than some others. This has been demonstrated by the fact we’re experiencing high demand to implement business continuity solutions for many customers.

Businesses can utilise several practical initiatives which are geared towards keeping operations running, whilst improving remote workers’ performance and productivity.

  • Ensure staff have the right set-up at home, including any hardware they need to access work files and software. We offer a ‘remote control’ solution that allows people to connect securely via their web browser; providing a similar experience to sitting in the office.
  • We have witnessed a rise in people using their own personal devices. When logging onto systems remotely, it will open vulnerabilities in business systems so it’s essential you have the correct security measures and protection in place.
  • We’re seeing an upswing in ‘phishing’ emails claiming to be from the Government or other official sources around COVID-19. Most people will recognise these emails as fraudulent, but it’s vital to keep employees in the loop about what to look out for.
  • Working from home can have its perks, but it can also leave staff feeling isolated and under increased stress. We use Microsoft Teams for daily video meetings to maintain some form of human interaction and promote mental health.
  • Along with a positive mindset, physical wellbeing can sometimes be forgotten. You should keep your monitor at eye height and your desk at arm’s length to avoid straining your neck and back. Take regular screen breaks, go for a walk and get outside for some fresh air if you can – these will give you more energy and sharpen your mind to focus on work.

As we embrace working remotely, following these steps should help equip your business to perform at optimal levels both now and in the future.

We understand every business is unique when it comes to IT and our team is on-hand to provide any advice around effective remote working and provide the correct technologies to support us on this unprecedented journey.

Gordon Christie, managing director, IT Hotdesk.

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Accelerate productivity whilst working from home