4 tips for choosing a new IT company in Aberdeen


4 tips for choosing a new IT company in Aberdeen

Whether you’re beginning your journey towards finding a new IT company or are stuck on how to narrow down your options, it's important to take the time to do your research as IT companies are a critical part of your business's operations and are fundamental assets.

In this blog post, we’ve shared 4 of our top tips to consider when choosing a new IT company in Aberdeen as well as what makes IT Hotdesk the ideal choice for businesses located across the North East…

Seek experience

No matter what service your business is considering outsourcing, it’s important that you always look for companies that have relevant experience. Whether it’s just a handful of years or decades, picking a company that has plentiful experience within the IT industry offers reassurance when it comes to outsourcing.

However, it must be noted that not all experience may be relevant to your industry. Many IT companies like to emphasise the fact that they can ‘cater for all industries’, yet it can sometimes be better to refine your search by picking a company that specialises in the industries most relevant to your business.

With over 10 years of experience working within a variety of different sectors across Aberdeen and wider Scotland including retail, renewables, non-for-profit and more, our team of IT professionals have a vast understanding of the specific challenges that your business may face.

Prioritise qualified professionals

As a business, you probably already have a rough idea of the specific services you’re hoping your new IT company to provide such as cyber security, disaster recovery, managed cloud computing and more.

To ensure you are being provided with the best service possible, you ideally want to find an IT company that has a team of experts in every field. This gives you more flexibility as a business as no matter what issue may come your way, you have the security of knowing that a member of the team is on hand to deal with it.

Technology is ever-changing, meaning that IT companies are constantly forced to keep up to date with the latest trends. Often most of these new technologies require a degree of training.

Certifications are an excellent way of confirming that an IT company has the relevant proficiencies needed to provide a stellar service. At IT Hotdesk, we are committed to understanding and excelling within the IT industry and pride ourselves on the standard of service we provide, which is clearly demonstrated by our numerous certifications including

ISO 9001, Company Microsoft Partner accreditations and employee Microsoft solution accreditations.

Think local

Despite many IT companies claiming to offer an unmatched level of service and support from across the country, this is often rivalled by businesses that are located within close proximity.

From time to time physical IT support may be needed including installations, firewall replacement and network setups. These often require an in-person visit from your chosen IT service provider, therefore having them located only a short distance away reduces lead times and aids convenience.

For businesses in Aberdeen looking to appoint a new IT company, our headquarters are based locally in Aberdeen making it easy for us to provide IT support services throughout Aberdeen and the North East. In addition, we have three offices across Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness.


‘24/7’ support is a term frequently used by IT companies but unfortunately, this statement does not always ring true. Business operations do not always run smoothly, unexpected issues such as cloud services going down or an abrupt cyber attack can send your business into disarray. Having an IT support team that is reliable and available whenever you need it, is an invaluable resource.

Before hiring a new IT company you should try to find out the average response times of the company, for both unplanned circumstances and daily operations. Priding ourselves on our unrivalled 24 hour response rates and around the clock support, our team of IT experts are here to help you no matter what your issue or requirements may be.

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4 tips for choosing a new IT company in Aberdeen