Passphrases over passwords: how they can enhance your cyber security


Password attacks are usually the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about cyber security, yet despite the risks being commonly understood, many people think “it will never happen to me”. However the statistics around password attacks are alarming – and if you don’t have a strong password, the chances of getting hacked can be extremely high.


There are many simple ways you can heighten your password security, and one that is being widely discussed at the moment is the use of passphrases instead of passwords. In this article, AJ Johnstone, our Cyber Security Architect explains what passphrases are, the benefits you can gain, and shares tips for creating them…


The benefits of using passphrases over passwords:


“Passphrases are typically longer in length than passwords, as they are a sequence of words with spaces between. They can also include numbers and/or symbols. For example: 2 be or not 2 be, that is the ?


“There are a few key advantages to using passphrases instead of passwords:


  • Passphrases are almost impossible to guess 
  • Passphrases are easier to remember 
  • Passphrases can easily satisfy complex rules”


Tips for creating effective passphrases:


  • Ensure your passphrase is not overly complex or difficult to recall
  • The phrase should not be common, for example a well known saying
  • Ensure your passphrase is not easy to guess by colleagues, family or friends by avoiding the use of meaningful dates, pet names, addresses, etc. 
  • Use three or more uncommon words
  • Use spaces or special characters between words to further enhance security


If you’d like to discuss the implementation of passphrases in your business, or cyber security as a whole, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.


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