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The Benefits of UC

Adopting a UC solution can provide wide-ranging benefits to any business; not just in terms of user experience, but also from an IT perspective.

Business communications cover a multitude of technologies, such as Email, Calendaring, Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing, Telephony and VOIP, Voice Messaging, SMS and Fax. Mobile computing adds a host of devices and platforms onto which these services are consumed and add into this mix a necessity for document management, (versioning, collaboration, intellectual property, compliance and security) and a picture begins to form of the overall scale of the management.


One of the major benefits of UC is the ability for remote and mobile workers to work collaboratively with their office-based colleagues. As collaborative working becomes more prevalent, audio and videoconferencing provides remote users with a more immersive experience.


Having immediate access to all of their communications tools via a single interface saves users time and allows them to remain productive whether they are at home, in the office or on the move.

Decision Making

Projects are often subject to delay if the right decision maker cannot be contacted at the right time. Leveraging the real-time elements of UC can help speed up the approvals process.

Customer Service

Improvements in productivity and accessibility have a positive impact on customer service levels as enquiries can be routed to the right contact and responded to quickly.

Cost Savings

UC provides cost and time savings on a number of levels. A hosted solution is typically much cheaper to implement than an on-premise solution, reducing capital expenditure. Operating costs are also driven down with lower call costs and software licensing fees.

Business Continuity

A hosted UC solution provides much greater resilience as automatic failover and call routing can carry on seamlessly, regardless of user location. By taking communication to the cloud you effectively eliminate the “single point of failure”.


UC provided on a per-user, per-function basis is incredibly flexible. Provision can be scaled up or down to meet your changing business needs without the need for additional software licenses and complex rollouts. Additional functionality can be turned off and on as needed and deployed according to user profiles.

Vendor Consolidation

Converged voice and data services mean a single vendor and a single invoice for local, national and international calls as well as conferencing, exchange and internet access.

Simplified Infrastructure

Converged voice and data infrastructure results in a significant reduction in infrastructure costs and management time, freeing IT resource to focus on other business-critical activity.

A Greener Approach

UC can help organisations who are pursuing greener agendas in a number of ways. By reducing the physical number of devices and systems required, power consumption and office space can be reduced. Enabling more collaborative remote working also cuts down on user travel, helping reduce
your carbon footprint.

Project Team News


Our projects team have been extremely busy over the last quarter with numerous successful Office 365 deployments. One of which was a Lync PSTN fully integrated telephone system.

We have invested in a new remote control monitoring tool that allows what we call “Behind the Scene” access meaning that some incidents can be taken care of without interrupting the user while they are working.

Dual Monitors Boost Productivity, User Satisfaction


Recent research results prove, overwhelmingly, that dual-monitor configurations save time and increase accuracy among workers. They also indicate, based on comments from participants, that workers prefer dual-monitor setups over single screens.

Surface Pro 4…..coming soon!


Each Surface Pro has arguably been better than the last, and there’s good reason to believe that the Surface Pro 4 could turn out to be something special.

IT Hotdesk wins new business worth £145,000 in three months

IT Hotdesk has seen a spike in sales wins over the past three months; adding 2 new clients with a combined annual spend of more than £145,000. Director Gordon Christie said “This is an exciting time for the business. with these two clients alone we’re expanding our customer verticals into new sectors – leisure and veterinary – which will make good use of the various skill sets and experience within our team”.

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