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We are delighted to be supporting the Little Angels school in Southern Uganda which educates seriously ill orphaned children.

The project’s aim is to build two new storeys on the building providing dormitory accommodation and sanitary facilities improving the lives of the children and offering them an education and higher standard of living.

There are currently 282 registered needy children under the care of Little Angels, 106 of these being orphans. Most of the children are currently housed under guardians where there is no electricity or running water & they are sleeping on mats or on the floor. The impact that poverty brings can cause malnutrition and some children sell labour to buy school materials & eventually they can’t keep up the pace with their school work.

It is fantastic we can donate & help this small charity which spends a large majority of there donations directly on their children and educational needs.

If you would like to know more on the Little Angels charity please take a look



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