2020: Cyber Threats


As we go into 2020 many of us prepare for the year ahead being optimistic and upbeat about the prospect of what’s to come. At the same time, it is also beneficial to keep in mind the risks we put our self and our business under every day, and to be equipped for any unexpected threats that might arise. When it comes to cyber threats, preparation is key, especially when attackers are constantly looking for new strategies to defraud and damage companies.

So, what do we need to look out for in 2020 to protect yourself and your business?

  • Social engineering and Phishing attacks are on the increase since they are easy to pull off, with low risk to the cybercriminal with minimal time and effort. Phishing emails will trick an employee to give away legitimate access credentials or surrender their own personal information to online accounts or credit cards. Employees need to be trained on what to look out for and your company need to have the appropriate protection in place.
  • Your own employees can sometimes be the biggest threat with enormous potential to cause damage by downloading malware onto their workstations unknowingly, or a disgruntled employee breaking your network security wide open. To limit damage giving them minimum access to systems to do their job can sometimes be best practice.
  • Smart devices at home or in businesses are starting to increase and some of these will create openings for attackers, if there is no strong security installed. These devices can sometimes be overlooked but you must remember to install the latest software and app updates as required.
  • Ransomware may shift to focus to smaller business’s rather than huge organisations, which they see as easier to launder with less money to move around, which will be demanded in bitcoin.
  • With 5g Technology taking off it will no doubt become more prevalent in 2020. Its high speed will revolutionise the online experience for internet users, but it could also make networks more vulnerable to cybercriminals with more potential entry points for attackers, according to the press release by the European Commission.

As cyber criminals are becoming more innovative make sure you are fully aware of the financial and operational impact an attack can have on your company. Addressing security threats is critical so your company can grow and prosper without the interruption of an unwanted attack.

We know this area can be confusing for some businesses and that’s why we have dedicated team of Cyber Security’s Professionals ready to support you. If you would like to know more then please give us a call on 01224 511611.









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