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Backing up files is one of the most important IT functions a company takes part in, this has traditionally been done onsite but this has its own risks. Therefore remote, online backup or cloud backup as it is known has taken over. IT Hotdesk have recognised this and have launched their own online back-up service for organisations.

“For years we have been using third party companies to provide a managed online service for our customers, however the service they were offering was no longer fitting our requirements, therefore after investigating the various options out there, we decided to buy into our own storage in two data centres located in the UK. We then implemented what we call the ITH Vault. ITH Vault is our secure, private storage platform that enables organisations to protect data on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. Leveraging our data centre means better service and value for our customers.” Said Bryan Philip, Project Manager for IT Hotdesk.

“The main advantages is that it is secure, fully encrypted, and completely automatic. Data is offsite at 2 datacentres both located in the UK. Our primary data centre is located in Bournemouth and replicates every 30 minutes to our secondary datacentre in Southampton. Both locations have N+1 Power & Air Conditioning, multiple fibre connections & fire/security prevention systems to meet high demand operating environments. This provides rock solid reliability and redundancy. It’s been an exciting project and another great service we provide to existing and new customers,” said Gordon Christie, Managing Director.

Based in Westhill, 23 Abercrombie Court, Arnhall Business Park, IT Hotdesk provide IT management and support to companies based in the UK and Internationally. More information can be found, by emailing or calling 01224 511617.

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