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Company:     Laurie & Co
Industry:        Professional Legal Services
Country:        UK
Employees:   30 +

Laurie & Co provides high speed, secure wireless access for colleagues and guests.
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Business need

Laurie & Co wanted to provide a wireless environment for colleagues and visiting guests. Security was a main concern as the business deals with highly confidential information and data leakage across the colleague and guest networks was to be prevented.

On completion of a wireless survey, we implemented a managed router with VLAN technology, this provided a basis for the separation of the networks. Wi-Fi access points were strategically located to provide maximum wireless penetration with dual SSID broadcasts with separation. The service is fully managed on a day by day basis by IT Hotdesk.

• Rapid & Secure Access for Guests to the Internet
• High Speed access to Confidential Data
• On-site Technical Support & Maintenance
• Legal Compliance

Solutions at a glance

• Fully Managed Asset
• Easy Access to Help Desk
• Draytek Secure Device Deployment


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