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Supporting Not-for-Profits change the world

Not-for-profit organizations' main priority is to help others. The difficulties that organisations working in this sector face are heavily impacted by their lack of resources.

Although budgets are tight, the importance of quality IT support should not be underestimated. It's important to maximise the support that you have by hiring a team of industry professionals.

Sector challenges

Some of the challenges that the not-for-profit industry face include:


This difficulty is faced by all non-for-profits. Funded heavily by grants and donations, every pound spent needs to be used wisely and to show a return on investment. This is why companies that operate in this sector usually avoid staying up to date with technology and processes.

Modern working practices

The changing work environment, such as a shift the to flexible working, means that not-for-profits need to have the practices in place to keep staff engaged and motivated; no matter where they are.

Outdated technology

Not-for-profits usually cut on spending so that the money can go to the people or cause that they support.

This means that technology and software implemented is sometimes older or outdated, which can often lead to data breaches and security threats.

How we help your business

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communications platform and is primarily part of Microsoft 365. Removing the need for SharePoint, Outlook, and Skype, Microsoft Teams brings people, conversations, and content together into one place.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a complete solution that allows for employees to work collaboratively and securely from anywhere.

A combination of Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security, the package allows for your firm to operate in a modern and secure workspace.

Managed cybersecurity services

Providing an unlimited and all-inclusive detect and protect service for your company.

Managed cloud service

Manage your IT online with our on-demand, pay-as-you-go solutions. Hold everything from servers and storage to applications, analytics, and software, online and in one place.

Why choose IT Hotdesk?

““We understand that budgets can often be tight. Because of this, IT Hotdesk can work with you to establish the IT required to support your business needs and proactively prioritise where your budget is spent to ensure that you achieve a maximum return on investment.”

- Gordon Christie, Managing Director, IT Hotdesk

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