Addressing security threats is critical to every business, we know this area can be confusing for some businesses and that's why we have a dedicated team of Cyber Security Professionals ready to support you.

From targeted industrial espionage, Denial of Service attacks, ransomware, viruses, spam and phishing threats. IT Hotdesk's Cyber Security team addresses these security issues with solutions aimed at keeping your businesses secure.

How can we help with your security?

How to protect yourself if your laptop is stolen

We had recently read a statistic that one laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, with most of them resulting in a…

By Jane Christie

The Dark Web Explained

The internet has developed in so many ways since it first became publicly accessible back in 1991. The birth of this…

By Jane Christie

Don't let a phishing scam see you out of pocket!

As we are seeing a rise in phishing, it is crucial for business owners to understand that the courts and police…

By Jane Christie


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