Virtual machines

Secure operating systems, free from physical limitations

Take advantage of flexible and cost effective cloud computing with Microsoft Virtual Machines (VMs).

VMs allow you to streamline your company’s operations and reduce costs by having multiple operating systems on one piece of hardware. This powerful software engine allows you to create Linux and Windows virtual machines instantly, without the need for expensive hardware and connectivity.

At IT Hotdesk, we’re here to help you every step of the way towards cloud computing, from migration and deployment of virtual machines, to monitoring updates and scaling software to your business’ growth, so that everything is taken care of for you.

Why use VMs?

  • Easily scalable from one to thousands of VMs in minutes
  • Reduced hardware costs, overheads and pay-as-you go pricing options
  • Fully compliant with secure network traffic and protection from malicious threats
  • Flexibility for you to choose between a range of operating systems, without additional hardware
  • Data management is streamlined, with faster provisions for applications and resources
  • Increased IT agility and performance to safeguard for disaster recovery
  • High availability of VMs at no extra cost
  • Straightforward migration of existing servers to cloud-based Azure VMs, using Microsoft's intelligent migration services

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