SKN Electrical

    Customer Profile

    Company:     SKN Electrical
    Industry:       Energy Services
    Country:        UK & Azerbaijan
    Employees:  100 +

    SKN Electrical drives inter-office electronic communication and collaboration, staying ahead of the completion and reducing overall IT cost.
    Adding the spark to electronic communication & collaboration.

    SKN Electrical see technology as a driving factor in making a real difference to their clients and have invested in significant improvements to deliver this vision to their customers. SKN sought to develop a picture of the things that really mattered to their clients during the workshops, they quickly understood that IT had a large part to play in the overall delivery. IT Hotdesk consultancy services were engaged to understand the business needs and to develop a design that helped create the vision to help colleagues work better together. SKN needed to improve it’s messaging and collaboration tools to allow colleague interactions from opposite sides of the world and to allow that collaboration to happen when employees were traveling.

    With Office 365, utilising familiar Office applications with the power of Exchange Online, SharePoint & Skype for Business we began an organic rollout of the technology to our customer, identifying various technical challenges during design allowed us to plan forward suitable enhancements that allowed the technology to work as seamlessly as possible with Single Sign On authentication and secure centralised management of data. In less than 30 days SKN were collaborating like never before. Further Office 365 services are planned for deployment over the course of this year.

    Other Successes
    Business need

    To continue innovation, SKN looked to provide a platform to enable enhanced communication and collaboration between office sites and to reduce total cost of ownership.

    IT Hotdesk built on top of the existing IT infrastructure and implemented a leading digital collaboration platform. Existing data was migrated to the new platform & training provided.

    • Enables Continued Innovation
    • Future Proofed Solution
    • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership by 40%
    • Empowers remote workers
    Solutions at a glance

    • IT Consultancy & Design
    • Project Management
    • Microsoft Cloud Deployment


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