The Dark Web Explained


The Dark Web Explained

The internet has developed in so many ways since it first became publicly accessible back in 1991. The birth of this technology had fundamentally changed the world as we knew it. By 1993 it was announced that the World Wide Web was free for everyone to use and develop, with no fees payable – a key factor in the impact it would have on the world.

Today in 2020 the internet is a much bigger place than you probably realise. Most of us are used to the open web which is the publicly visible part we use most days. We access this through search engines such as google or yahoo, to check the weather or do online shopping, for example. During the growth of the web there has become shadier parts called the deep web and the dark web which has been linked to dangerous or illegal activity.

So, what exactly is the deep & dark web?

The deep web is the part of the internet that is usually hidden from public view. Much of it is legal & ordinary such as your banking, employee logins & travel itinerary which is all password-protected.

The dark web refers to websites that exist behind multiple layers of encryption & cannot be found using traditional search engines. It is generally accessed using dedicated software . This software has the ability to hide your identity and activity. You can also spoof your location, so it appears you are in a different country to where you are really located. It can be very difficult to work out who is behind the sites making it a breeding ground for criminal activity. Now, were not saying that everything on the dark web is illegal. It can be a good communication channel, for instance it might serve a valuable purpose in helping people that are in environments that are hostile to free speech.

Countless internet users try to gain entry to the dark web. Some are curious and others are looking for something that can’t be sourced on the regular internet. Our advice would be to stay out of the dark! Enjoy the light! And enjoy the open web for its many great feature’s!!

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The Dark Web Explained